Monday, November 12, 2018

Graphic Quilts From Everday Images

Graphic Quilts From Everyday Images is by Heather Schrimsher. The subtitle is 15 Patterns Inspired by Urban Life, Architecture, and Beyond. I'm sorry the photos have a yellow cast to them. I took them when the sun was out and used a cool light bulb so I'm not sure what happened, and this is the best the photo editing software could do. This photo is cool grays and blues and the photo doesn't do it justice.

It is published by Martingale using That Patchwork Place imprint. This one is my favorite quilt in the book. The orange leaves float on a deep plum background.

The book is divided into three sections. Enlarged Detail recommends focusing on enlarging a certain detail of photographs the author has taken.

The next section, Blocks and Repeats, plays with the details taken out of a photo.

The last section, Lines and Strips, focuses on the main elements of a photo or subject. This requires simplification to distill the most important part of the subject.

Full size templates are provided right with the pattern, and everything is kept together so you don't have to flip through the back to find them.

There a variety of patterns with a variety of complexity.  This one uses simple rectangles to create a great design.

There are also curved piecing. I like this one because it is so graphic and interesting with just a few curved seams. And they are big, so they shouldn't be too difficult to sew.

As I copied the Amazon link to the title at the top of the page, I see it is on sale for $14.99, and used copies are available for as little as $3.00.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Lunch-Hour Patchwork

Lunch-Hour Patchwork is published by Martingdale. The people at the publisher spend Wednesday lunches making a project, like these projects that are pretty quick to make.  The subtitle is 15 Easy-to-start (and finish!) projects. They don't promise that the projects will be finished in an hour, but they will fill an hour with fun and relaxation.

My favorite quilt in this book is this tiny trees project.  Since I haven't sewn my equilateral triangles together, I was somewhat surprised that they didn't sew this quilt in rows of equilateral triangles, alternated with stumps.  Instead each of the trees are made as a block, like the Christmas trees quilt I made. This is actually a quilt I am thinking about making.

Here's a page of some of the projects in this book. Most of the projects don't need templates but the few that do are printed, actual size, right on the pages themselves.

Since that page doesn't show everything, I decided to show you the table of contents too.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Forgotten Seamstress

This is a book I reviewed on the Goodreads.

 The Forgotten SeamstressThe Forgotten Seamstress by Liz Trenow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed reading this book about a woman who was gifted an intriguing crazy quilt which led her to a search about the maker of the quilt. The book goes back and forth between two stories - a sociology student is interviewing a woman from an insane asylum who tells a far-fetched story about having a love-child with a member of the royal family, and the woman researching the quilt. The quilt goes through a little adventure of its own.

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Wabi-Sabi Sewing

A couple of books I have in my library stack need to be returned because someone has requested them. Wabi-Sabi Sewing by Karen Lewis is one of them. The subtitle is 20 sewing patterns for perfectly imperfect projects. It is published by sewandso company in the U.K.

They all look pretty perfect to me. I really like the soft aesthetic of this cover quilt on the bed. I also liked the hand sewing on the jeans in the background. Just some running stitches to decorate the jeans.

I liked this applique quilt too. It uses the Hawaiian style applique, but adds extra colors and shapes.  I like the blue color too.

The yellow and grays in this quilt made me think of Sunlight in Winter blog. The colors look more orange on my computer screen, but they are yellow in the original.

I really like this page that shows all of the projects in the book.

Books like these make me feel calm and relaxed just looking at them. 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

My Library Stacks

I am following Tierney's library stacks and sharing my own.  Today, I have not one, not two, but three library stacks to share with you today.

The first stack are the books I checked out this week. To highlight a couple of books from this stack,  Journal Sparks and Joyful Daily Stitching are books I have checked out before. Journal Sparks gives lots of great ideas of writing in a journal, and also has lots of beautiful visuals.  The Drawing School is one I will be following to get over my fear of drawing. It is very basic, kindergarten level drawing, which is here I need to start. It has a large variety of drawings, with step by step directions on how to draw each one.

This picture may look like last week's picture, but it shows that I haven't returned my previous books.  I have an overflow! I also have one ebook, The Forgotten Seamstress, which is an interesting historical fiction.

Lastly, this stack is books I was able to pick up for sale at the library! I didn't go to the Friends of the Library Big Book sale because it is just so dangerous, but there were quilt books for sale at my local library.

 It is making me nervous that they are selling so many of the quilting books, but it looks like they are reducing their book stacks in general. Maybe more people are reading e-books or giving up on books altogether. Some of these books are pretty skinny, so I had to lay them out for you to see the titles.  A lot of books didn't have library labels though so maybe a quilter is just clearing out her excess.

Quilts from El's Attic is by Eleanor Burns, and Quilting Those Flirty 30s seems like it has a lot of interesting patterns. The Uffizi is paintings from an art gallery. I was going to get a children's book so I could cut out pictures for a junk journal, if I ever get around to making one, but chose this one instead because it is bigger for the same price, and has more variety of paintings. It doesn't have the cutesy factor a children's book would have, so we'll have to see if I can cut it up.
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