Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Appli-Quilting; Applique & Quilt at the Same Time

This is another quilt that provides a quicker way to make a quilt.  Appli-Quilting; Applique & Quilt at the Same Time!  by Gina Perkes provides different levels of applique and quilting. If you click on the link, it will take you to Amazon, which provides a look inside some of the pages of the book.

With this technique the applique is prepared and positioned on the background fabric.  The applique can be turned under or raw edge. The top is then sandwiched, and the applique is secured with quilting stitches.  I have done this many times, but the book provides great tips about different ways to secure the edges of the applique and different quilting designs to highlight the applique. There are full size pattern sheets to go along with the instructions.

When I was trying to decide on my favorite, I chose the Garden Bling, which was used as an example in many parts of the techniques section. Unfortunately, it was not one of the projects in the book.

This page shows snippets of all of the projects.  Perkes provides skill building projects and techniques for domestic and long arm sewing machines. There is a lot of material about techniques, so there are only six projects in the book.  I thought that was a good balance, and mastering the techniques is more important than the projects themselves.

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  1. This is an interesting idea -- appliqueing by quilting through the layers. I think I should borrow this book from the library and take a look at it. Thanks for sharing it.


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