Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Good morning.  I am creating this blog to post my book reviews.  I am a member of several (three right now) book review groups. Generally about once a month, a publisher generally gives us a list of a few books, and I choose one.  It is mailed to me, and after I have had a chance to read it, I post my opinion about it.  I am not required to post a positive review. I have to admit that I don't read all books all the way through. Time is too precious to waste if finishing the book isn't going to add any value to the review.  Since all three of these publishers publish Christian books, some of the books do tend to be very religious, although others merely mention Christian themes.

I enjoy this, because it gives me a chance to expand to books in subject areas and opinions that I would not pick up on my own. This does mean that this blog will contain reviews for books that range from really bad to mostly mediocre to awesome.

To keep it balanced, I do like to pick up books from the library and review those as well.  Those are generally ones that I think are worth the read.

I link the book titles to Amazon, so you can see how much it is and what others think about it. I am a part of their referral program, so if you choose to buy a book through them, I will get a referral bonus.

I hope you enjoy!

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