Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to Get Your Own Free Books

If you want to get your own free books to review, the process is very simple.

First, you find the program or programs you want to join. You can simply look on your favorite publisher's website to see if they have a review program. Since we are required to include a disclosure, "I received this book from XXX publisher in exchange for this review", you can look at reviews on your favorite online retailer to see which publisher keeps showing up on books you like.

Or you can look for book review programs on a search engine.

Second, simply read their rules for the review program and simply sign up.  Then choose a book to request from their list of available books. Most of the rules are pretty simple. Generally they ask you to review your book on your blog, and on a major retailer's website. Then you let them know you did the review, usually on their website, but sometimes by email.  If you do it on their website, they might have a place for you to review it on there as well.  The copy and paste function works well for putting your review in all two or three places as required.

Here are the ones I subscribe to:

Waterbrook Multinomah Publishers


Bethany House

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